About us


The Medenka team consists of people with different knowledge and skills. Wishing to unite tradition and youthful esprit, we have created a product that can be without hesitation included in the category of healthy sweets.

With Medenka, we are expanding the field of healthy nutrition to include those areas where it often lacks – sweets. We offer the answer to the question of how to unite good and healthy. With a wide range of flavours and colours to choose from, we conjure a sweet experience for your child that can compete with any other candy.

The Medenka brand reflects the pride and appreciation of the long tradition of beekeeping in Slovenia. In the production of this sweet treat we only include high quality honey, which is produced under the watchful eye of experienced Slovenian beekeepers.

With the top knowledge of Slovenian beekeepers, we thought outside of the box, added a dash of youthful inspiration and childish fondness for sweet things and Medenka was born – a modern, healthy and entertaining way of snacking for our youngest. Well, for us too.

How was Medenka created?

The origin of Medenka can be attributed to fortunate coincidence and a bit of childish ingenuity, which reminded us that honey can also be used in a less conventional way – for sweetening. However, not only as a sweetener, but also as a real candy.

With Medenka we are proud to be able to offer children a healthy treat that, unlike most other sweets, does not contain refined sugar, preservatives, additives, colouring agents, gelatine or other ingredients that can harm our health.

Medenka is available in four different flavours – two traditional and two modern.

The traditional taste is preserved through the flavours Honey and Honey-Cinnamon, the modern flavours Strawberry, Orange and Lemon are created with the advanced method of processing fruit – lyophilisation. It is a special drying process of the fruit, which ensures that the fruit retains up to 97 % of all its vitamins and minerals. Lyophilisation also helps in the preservation of the intense fruit flavour, which will also convince the less persistent honey lovers. The shelf life is stated on the packaging (2 years).

We believe that every child will find its favourite in this varied range of flavours and enjoy healthy snacking. In addition, you as parents will enjoy it without any worries about the health of your children and, last but not least, perhaps you will treat yourself to a Medenka every now and then as well.


With Medenka we would like to offer all children and their parents the possibility of healthy and modern snacking. At the same time, we will also strive to promote and raise awareness for a healthy nutrition, which is based on purchasing so-called “Clean Label” products. These are food products that contain only well-known ingredients and no “E-s” or complicated formulations that usually stand for additives, preservatives and various supplements to improve the taste. “Clean Label” is the most important value for us.


Our vision is for Medenka to become a Slovenian product of recognition on the Slovenian and foreign market, as well as a brand that guarantees “Clean Label” products.

What is Medenka?

Medenka is a natural candy made of honey and fruit, which is primarily intended for our youngest. It is made from local Slovenian honey and real fruit, processed in a way which preserves 97 % of all its vitamins and other nutrients that are useful to the body. The shelf life is stated on the packaging (2 years).

Where can I buy Medenka?