Honey instead of sugar


Honey instead of sugar

Last week we wrote about how harmful sugar is to our bodies. Of course, there are many good and less good alternatives on the market. One of the best is, of course, honey. Although honey is a sweetener, it has an incredibly positive effect on our health. It is by no means included in the category of empty calories, such as sugar, but has a rich blend of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A and C, calcium and iron. It also contains many antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Honey therefore has a positive effect on the resistance of the body and makes us immune to various diseases. Some studies even say that it has a preventive effect against dementia and cancer.

And why is honey undoubtedly a better choice than sugar? Research has found that honey improves blood fat levels, reduces inflammation in the body and has a minimal effect on blood glucose levels. Honey also helps to reduce body weight, especially when taken in combination with lemon juice and cinnamon. Honey is also a source of unprocessed energy, it is great to include it in your breakfast and thereby all energy for the whole day is guaranteed. Honey can also be enjoyed before sporting activities and thus the intensity can be increased even more. It is also supposed to have a good effect on the regeneration of muscles and is therefore a good choice for athletes.

Honey is therefore an excellent alternative to unhealthy sugar. It can be used for sweetening tea, coffee, various desserts and much more. However, it is important not to heat the honey too much, as its good components are destroyed at high temperatures. It is best to wait a little until the tea has cooled down slightly before adding the honey.

Of course, it is important that the selected honey is of high quality, because only this has all positive effects on the body. Therefore, only the best local Slovenian honey is used for our Medenka. 🙂